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The leaders of our talented management team have completed their education in highly renowned universities such as IMM(Delhi). The main vision of the team is to provide a platform where the process of attaining a loan is at its easiest. They have managed to create something truly astonishing where they can help many with loans that don’t really take much time, effort, or paperwork. The team consists of highly motivated employees who thrive on challenges thrown in front of them. The common goal within the company is to be the fastest loan provider and to be the first one to make it as easy as possible.


Dillip Kumar Rout

Founder & CEO

A renowned expert in the field of accounting and money, he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in B. Com (Hons.) from Utkal University and his MBA from IMM(Delhi). In addition to that, he has worn numerous hats throughout the course of his 20-year career where he mainly specializes in finance and operations fields. He has worked for top e-commerce and e-finance organizations, where he effectively led huge teams to tremendous successes. Moreover, he is an expert in combining different personalities within a company to bring it towards success which is one of the reasons why he is able to lead more than 100 employees in his team.


Md Ahmed Ansari

Vice President - Finance

Ahmed's strong suit is financial operations, and he has a unique talent for numbers. He boasts a decade of expertise in the field of accounting and is actively involved in the company's ongoing process of establishing financial discipline and procedure.