FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions | Dayandnight Loan


1. What is DayandNight Loan?

We have set up shop in order to provide loans any time of the day and night as we understand that emergencies can strike any time of the day or night.

2. Who can apply for this loan?

Anyone who is an Indian citizen and above the age of 21 and less than 60 years of age and earning a minimum of Rs 15000 per month salary.

3. How do I apply?

Visit our site www.dayandnightloans.com and use the application form. Upload the required documents and SUBMIT.

4. Will I get a call from you immediately?

Yes, our customer service executives will call you immediately and guide you on the process of acquiring this loan.

5. How long will it take to sanction my loan?

If your documents are complete and correct, we will sanction your loan immediately.

6. What is the process after loan is sanctioned?

We carry out a simple physical verification of your residence or your office, where we get an agreement and a loan application signed by you.

7. What are the documents I have to provide during physical verification (PD)?

  • • You have to present the original copies of your KYC – Adhaar card, PAN Card, etc
  • • You will be required to provide a blank signed cheque of your SALARY ACCOUNT
  • • You will be required to sign an agreement
  • • You will be required to sign an application form

8. How much time after Physical verification will my loan be disbursed?

As soon as the verification is complete your loan will be disburses even in the presence of our executive.

9. What amount of loan can I get?

We consider a variety of factors in deciding the loan amount. This depends on your salary, your CIBIL score, bank statement etc. Normally we sanction 50 percent of your salary, minus your present liabilities as loan.

10. Do you give a second loan above the existing one?

No, you are entitled to another loan only on repaying the existing one.

11. How soon after repaying the loan will I get another?

Immediately on repayment.

12. Are there any charges for early payment?

No, there are no charges for pre-closure.